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Can your instructor say that he or she still spends time operating?

How many times have you taken a safety class and walked away feeling that much of the information was out of date, just a lot of old war stories or exactly the same information that was in the class the last time you attended it?    As most of us that have been in the construction industry for any length of time know that taking safety classes is a requirement.   Truth is many times the facts or information that needs to be given simply has not changed, furthermore, the instructor you had may teach this class so frequently  he or she could recite it word for word in his or her sleep.   This is not to say that any age or sex of instructor is better than another.  One of the best instructors I have ever had probably owed Jesus lunch money. I have seen both male and female instructors keep a class engaged and entertained though some of the most boring repetitive classes.   Unfortunately, for every good instructor I have had or seen, there have been many that would put a caffeine buzzed cheerleader squad to sleep.

So, What Do You DO?

Here at OCU, Online Crane University, we believe that even the most experienced instructors still need to put on their boots and get out in the field from time to time.  We continue to partner with our previous customers to provide on-call, onsite consulting and when needed, even a highly qualified crane operator or rigger when needed.  This provides our customers with an extra resource and the opportunity for our instructors to put what they teach to work.  OCU has found that this gives our instructor more ability to curtail and customize our classes to fit each individual customers needs.

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